Year 2018

In 2018, our herd was enlarged by three foals by L’Esprit and Zinedine as well as three mares.

Foals are two stallions: Nel’Kan (Kandałaksza/Bolshoi, L’Esprit), Norin Kang (Kleopatra/Samurai M, Zinedine) and mare Negrita Una (Umbria/Democraat, L’Esprit).

Our mare-mother group enlarged mare from our breeding, four-year-old Ultramarine (Umbria/Democraat, Opan) and mare from foregin breedings, which were taking part in show jumping competitions:  thirteen-year-old Athene-Alonie (Unalonie/Orame, Tenerife VDL).

Umbria (Ulrike van Betula/African Drum XX, Democraat) has finished breeding carieer in Pieńki. The mare gave birth Ultramarine (2014), Light Umber (2016) and Negrita Una (2018).